Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You can't burn it but you can sell it for firewood? Really?

So the tree chippers finished a few weeks ago and hauled off the chipped trees. Not a lot of them. A normal by-product of the process is pieces of wood and roots laying around that are too small for their equipment to capture.  We spent quite a bit of time collecting the wood and putting it in piles to burn.  When we contacted the Air Pollution Control District to add the property to our burn permit, they said that type of burn is no longer allowed on sites larger than 20 acres.  

When we asked about alternatives, their suggestion was to sell it for firewood!  Can you imagine, we can't burn it but we can burn gas hauling it all over creation for other people to burn! So, we decided to hire a chipper and chip them into, well, chips! I know this costs us money but we think this is the best option.

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