Monday, July 9, 2012

Irrational fear of chemicals

I know it's a touchy topic. Pesticides. Some say we are  dousing our farms and orchards with dangerous chemicals and that it will lead to silent spring.

First of all, we do not _douse_ our orchards with pesticides. Many people throw fertilizers and pesticides into the same bucket. Fertilizers are like vitamin supplements. Pesticides are like anti-biotics. We only use pesticides if and when needed.

Second of all, I, maybe, understand people's concerns about pesticide residues on fruits like apple and grapes. But, we grow almonds, which are inside a hard-shell, which in turn is inside a thick hull.

Finally, some people just don't like the word "chemical." The notion that chemicals are a distinct group of modern evils invading our food supply is ludicrous.

Every physical thing is exclusively made of chemicals.

No food or medicine can be "chemical free." The only thing that is chemical free is a perfect vacuum and perhaps those tiny spaces between atoms.

But any object sold to you is chemicals (unless, of course, it is a big box of nothing in which case it is probably not worth your money- also you should discard the box- it's jam packed with chemicals).
  • We take from nature both the life saving penicillin and the dangerous anthrax..
  • We make in laboratories the life saving insulin and BPA.
  • Then there's a world of neutral:
    • the delicious potato and it's poisonous leaves
    • pesticides which help provide more people with affordable produce but with unknown effects on people and the environment. 
    • the polymers which keep lettuce fresher reducing wasted food but end up in landfills failing to rot away.
Interesting stuff..

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