Friday, January 6, 2012

How to tell if trees need a drink?

I am so glad we installed Puresense system at our Carpenter ranch. Because it is very important going into harvest for the soil to have 5 ft deep moisture. With Puresense taking readings every 15 minutes, we can use real-time irrigation data to know when exactly the trees are thirsty and when they are full.

For instance, when I visited the PureSense web site, this is what it told me: A 48 hour run of each set (it takes 3 sets to cover the ranch using the deep well) was getting the water to about 3 feet deep in the soil.

So, looks like, we will need to irrigate at least one more time to fill the 4 and 5 foot levels. The irrigation district will be filling the canal system because the need is so great.

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