Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day canal blowout :o)

This falls into the "it's always something" category. Sunday morning I got a call from Lane who got a call from the Ditch Tender that the canal had collapsed and water had flooded into Carpenter.

Apparently the canal had a leak through a crack in the side wall. As water leaked into the soil it found a gopher burrow and began to flow through it. It slowly eroded the soil until the wall collapsed and the water gushed out. When a farmer down stream lost his water pressure due to the collapse, he investigated and called the ditch tender. Fortunately it happened during daylight and was caught very quickly. It flooded an area 25 rows by about a quarter of the length of the rows. No real harm was done and as of today there is very little standing water. Despite it being Mother's Day morning there was a great response from TID (as you can see by the trucks in the picture) and they got it repaired in a hurry. Thank you, Turlock Irrigation District!! And, Hope you had a great rest of Mothers Day, Lane!! :)

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