Friday, December 7, 2012

Potassium.. Where art thou?

Potassium is the third major plant and crop food, after nitrogen and phosphorus. Potash is important for agriculture because it improves water retention (because it regulates opening and closing of pores on leaves) and disease resistance of crop too.

Anyway, despite applying potassium annually at Carpenter the leaf tests and visual symptoms indicate that we continue to be deficient in this important nutrient. We have had decent crops and each crop removes a lot of potassium. So we need to increase the amount we apply to compensate for the amount being removed.

Our plan is to purchase two truckloads of potassium fertilizer this year for Carpenter (instead of the usual one), and one for Whitmore (half for the Candycots, the other half for the almonds).  We will begin to apply it as soon as the soil is dry enough to do so. If it stops raining for an extended period of time (10 days) we will be able to apply all of the potassium at both ranches before the end of December.

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